Plant Machinery and Capacity

Leamore Engineering Limited’s plant, machinery and capacity including all associated tooling is as follows:

Huron Milling Machine1200m/m x 700m/m Travel
Southern Engineering Vertical Milling Machine6″ x 24″ Travel
Swingover SaddleGapLength
TOS Centre Lathe310mm Ø800mm Ø3 Metres
Dean Smith & Grace Centre Lathe9” Ø27” Ø60”
Binns + Berry Centre Lathe700mm Ø1200mm Ø3 Metres
TOS Centre Lathe350mm Ø880mm3 Metres
Webster Bennett Vertical Borer42” Ø
Spindle DiameterCrossLongHeight
Stanko Horizontal Borer90mm1000mm1000mm1000mm
Marcel Pegard Horizontal Borer100mm1600mm1200mm1200mm
Union Horizontal Borer100mm1200mm1200mm1000mm
Butler Slotting Machine12″ Stroke24” Rotary Table
Edgwick Slotting Machine9″ Stroke20” Rotary Table
SIP 7A Jig Borer1000mm x 1200mm Travel
Archdale Radial Drilling Machine48” Movement
Pollard Drilling Machine2 Spindle Driller
Jones + Shipman 540 Surface Grinder6” x 18” Travel
Jones + Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder8” x 24” Travel
Gate 1500 Cylindrical Grinder14” Max Diameter x 54” Travel
Welding CapacityWelding Capacity up to 2 Tons